School Calender -2017-

Date Event Name
6th January Annual Chanting Pooja
09th January Student Consultation and Guidance Programme
13th January Training Programme for Non Academic Staff
3rd February Annual Sport meet
09th February Art and Sculpture Exhibition
23rd February Primary Children Concert
01st March Prize Giving 2015/2016
17th March General Meeting
20th March Big Match
20th - 30th March First Term Test
31st March Educational Tour
04th April Prefect Day
06th April Annual Fair
03rd May Lumbini Walk
05th May Student Consultation and Guidance Programme
19th May Commerce Day
06th June Science & Technology Exhibition
07th June Observing Sil and Bhakthi Song Programme
15th June Prefect Day and Training Programme
07th July English Day
20th -30th July Second Term Test
04th September Student Consultation and Guidance Programme
12th September Development Programme for teachers
19th September Library Day
20th October Colours Night
15th -25th November Year End Term Test