Deputy Principals

Mr. M. Gunathilaka


Lumbini Collage deputy principal

Mrs. G.G.H Herath


Message from Deputy Principal (Education Development)

I am happy to issue this message to the web site of Lumbini College.

Lumbini College has a proud history running over eight and half decades. The most renowned Lumbini Theatre has made the pathway for many local artists who have become veterans in later days. On the other hand Lumbini College is conducting various educational programs that are of much importance for the students.

With the competitive behaviour of the society, the publicity of such activities is much less though students of the zone have the easy access for those programs. The reason is the remoteness between the conservative communication systems and the present public, especially of the new generation. The present communication systems gathered around the IT world turning the previous media almost ineffective. In such a context, it is much important to have a web site for the college that makes the public aware of the activities taking place.

In the modern world, presence in the web is essential even for a non commercial organization like a school. This reality has been identified by the school management at the right instant, when the new stream of “Technology” is being introduced to the schools. This attempt will certainly make the internal students also familiar with the IT world, as they will have the opportunity to develop and maintain the web site. Their creative minds will do lot of things, make changes, and add new features into the website, widening their awareness in ICT. Simultaneously, the students in surrounding schools also will become aware of Lumbini College, its activities and they will eventually attract to such programs.

Mr. A.S.J DE S. Gunarathne